+ Wall Cladding styles

Interlocking Panels

Interlocking Cladding is a concealed fix wall cladding system ideal for both commercial and residential application, giving the structures a sleek finish. Interlocking Cladding is a striking and versatile material choice.


Nailstrip Cladding is an innovative concealed fix panel system with a wide range of design applications for residential and commercial projects.The Nailstrip panel is installed via nail or screw fixings. Each strip is snapped over the adjoining panel securing it in place and concealing the fixing. Installation is simple and quick with no need for seaming tools.

Standing Seam

One of the most versatile cladding systems available, Standing Seam can be installed for both roofing and wall cladding purposes, lending itself to flat, curved or domed applications.


Longline Cladding is a concealed-fixed roof cladding with bold ribs and wide pans. The standing seam ribs make a bold architectural statement, while maximising water tightnessLongline Cladding is available with plain or fluted pans and can also be tapered where roof line curvature requires a customised solution.

+ Wall Cladding Benefits

Cost Effective Solution

Because installing Metal Wall Cladding is a streamlined process and is a lightweight product, our customers are satisfied with the associated costs. Sheet Metal provides greater thermal efficiency which reduces heating and cooling costs.

Thermal Efficiency

Steel sheets have a low light absorbtion profile, reducing heat transmission into your structure by reflecting it. Renovating a structure with Metal Wall Cladding sheets provides an additional layer of thermal insulation.


100% recyclable, using Steel promotes smarter waste management. Alongside this, much of Steel is made up of recycled steel.


On top of the 10 year workmaship guarantee provided by DK Roofing and with Colorbond guaranting the Steel Sheets for upto 30 years, you can rest assured that you will be protected from the elements for a long time. The life expectancy, however, of Steel Sheets is upto 70 years. Wall cladding provides additional structural integrity by increasing the mechanical strength of the building and are more resistant to pollution, humidity and rain.

Can Be Installed Over Most Structures

Metal Wall Cladding can be installed onto brick, timber and many other materials, making it incredibly versatile.

Increase The Appeal Of Your Property

Colorbond steel comes in 22 colours, all of them designed to resist the harshness from Australia's weather. Metal Wall Cladding is the Architects choose, for its bold look and versatility of finishes. To raise the value of your property, Metal Wall Cladding provides a striking impression with the benefits listed above, making it a great choose for any kind of structure.